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I meant it when I said I love you. And each time I say it my heart dances it’s way into your possession. I never thought I could have so much love for one person. It hurts sometimes…to be so close. I rebuke the option for there to be an end, but it doesn’t stop that one little question: What if? It haunts me day and night. That there could be a better love than mine. But will hold fast to what we have now. Knowing that there is no other way we could have worked. For if it weren’t for that one night we would have never been.

Purpose is what we’ve found.

So I will hold on for as long as I am permitted.


The definition of routine is a customary or regular course of procedure. When people say ‘Don’t make time with God routine”….Well…shouldn’t we? Time with him should be a regular thing in our daily schedual. 

The danger is, and I think this is where everyone come froms when they say ‘don’t make it routine’, that we spend time, but do it, just to get it done…

Does this make sense, or am I over-thinking the word too much?


  • 1:

    Picture of yourself

  • 2:

    A description of my self-esteem

  • 3:

    My favorite book

  • 4:

    Biggest Turn Offs

  • 5:

    Biggest Turn Ons

  • 6:

    Most famous person you've met

  • 7:

    What I want to be when I'm older

  • 8:

    My relationship(s) with my sibling(s)

  • 9:

    Relationship status?

  • 10:

    What I did yesterday

  • 11:

    What I'm doing today

  • 12:

    What I'm doing tomorrow

  • 13:

    Most embarrassing moment

  • 14:

    Description of who I like

  • 15:

    Biggest insecurities?

  • 16:

    Something I wish I could change about myself

  • 17:

    I'll love you if...

  • 18:

    Something I'm really good at

  • 19:

    Something I'm really bad at

  • 20:

    What I wish for at 11:11

  • 21:

    A reason I've lied to a friend

  • 22:

    Favorite Movie

  • 23:

    Something that has made you mad recently

  • 24:

    A random fact about yourself

  • 25:

    Question of your choice

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