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Letting go is hard, but when God helps, it’s so much easier.

3 years of waiting on something I knew wasn’t sure of, just lifted right off my shoulders.

I almost started tearing because I’ve held onto it and hoped for it for so long, but then I saw what was currently laying ahead of me; I realized which was better. 

I don’t know what the future holds, but I know God has got it under control.
So I shall continue to rest in Him.

Thank You God, for protecting my heart.

You may feel alone now because you don’t have a guy/girl, but once he/she comes you’ll be so much happier that you won’t have to deal with past baggage from other relationships. Just be patient. God has the one you need, He is just “seasoning” him/her…and you.

God’s timing is everything.

Trust me. Trust God.



EVERY TIME I feel like I’m finally letting go of you, when it’s late at night and I’m falling asleep, you call me, outta nowhere. I end up getting the crazy flips in my stomach, and my body temperatures rise and drop all at once. Then I’m left wide awake for another 2 hours after we hang up all giddy and whatnot. My grip on you then becomes tighter and tighter each time you come back. Please just be the one.

If you’re not, then DANG am I going to have a great marriage with the guy who I actually end up with. xD 

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